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Introducing the Rolling Shutter Society

You know what San Francisco needs? A slightly more organized film and video making community. We need a Bay Area collective where we can come together to chat with other filmmakers, enthusiasts and students of all skill levels to help each other connect, bring new blood into the scene, foster diversity in creation and just chat about what’s going on in the world of filmmaking from the creators’ perspective. Also, it would be fun to grab drinks, talk about gear, the flattest/phattest picture profiles, internet video and what everybody thought of The Master.

Our friends in the gaming industry have started up similar scenes in Toronto and Austin and they’ve been incredibly successful.

The Hand Eye Society in Toronto

Juegos Rancheros in Austin

AREA 5 has been talking about this for awhile and we want to get something started. It would be super-casual to start. We’ll just meet at a bar, chat and be merry then we can just let it grow from there.

If you like this idea, invite your like-minded friends and co-workers, or anybody else who you think would be interested and join us!

The first small meeting of the Rolling Shutter Society will occur on Tuesday, September 25th, 7:30 PM at Southern Pacific Brewing.

We hope that you’ll join us. And as always: never stop shooting!