CO-OP 0401

Episode 0401: PAX 2010 SPECIAL

We want to know if you’d pay for the stuff we make. Pay whichever amount below you think this show is worth.

Watching ads sucks. Going out and trying to get people to advertise sucks. We’d rather simply be supported by the people who want to be entertained by what we do. This doesn’t necessarily even mean CO-OP (though in the unlikely event we get a flood of purchases we’ll, of course, look at bringing back the show). We’re thinking this model could possibly work for other ideas we have kicking around and we figure that, hell, nobody’s really tried this yet—at least not in this fashion—and we’re gonna give it a go. You can still watch it free, and in great quality on YouTube, but if you could pay for it, would you? Pay us and you’ll get a link letting you download a full, 1080p, the-highest-quality-we-can-possibly-post version of this episode. So, tell your friends! After all, did you really need that latte today? Read more about this experiment and the great time we had at PAX 2010 and then comment on the blog post for this episode and tell us what you think.   |   Tweet this